Nasal Bleeding (Epistaxis)

Mucous membranes line both the nose and the sinuses. The mucous lining of the nose has many tiny blood vessels close to its surface. This is why the nose bleeds so easily when it is injured or very dry. Using blood thinners such as aspirin, non-steroidal anti-inflammatories or Coumadin can make it difficult to stop the bleeding. Some natural herbs will also thin the blood. Uncontrolled high blood pressure (hypertension) will also make bleeding difficult to control. Your nose will also be drier in the Western United States and when running your heat during the cooler winter months.

If you have nosebleeds, try the following measures:

  • Hold pressure above the bulb of your nose

  • Blow your nose to clear any accumulated blood clot

  • Use Afrin (or any generic nasal decongestant) 4-6 sprays to the bleeding side. Hold pressure for 10 (ten) seconds and then blow your nose. Repeat up to 5 (five) times or until bleeding stops or slows down.

  • You may also soak a cotton ball with Afrin and place in the bleeding nostril for 5 (five) minutes. Repeat if necessary.

  • If you continue to bleed, you should report to the Emergency Room for further evaluation and treatment.

Nasal Moisturization

To prevent further bleeding and to help restore the moisture to the nasal mucous membranes, do the following:

  • Apply AYR Nasal Saline Gel with Aloe Vera liberally to each nostril opening with your fingertip or a Q-tip twice daily. Once you have restored your mucous membranes to their natural state, use as needed. Continue to use the AYR at night during the dry heat months.

  • You can use Vaseline to help with lubrication; however, this product is petroleum-based and will not be absorbed as well as the water-based AYR.

  • When blowing your nose, be careful not to rub the Kleenex inside your nose. This can be abrasive and irritating.

  • You may also use any nasal saline spray in addition to the AYR gel to help with moisturization posteriorly. I currently recommend Simply Saline Sterile Saline Nasal Mist.


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