More than 37 million people suffer from at least one episode of sinusitis each year. The overall prevalence of sinusitis has soared and includes patients with acute sinusitis, recurrent acute sinusitis and chronic sinusitis (more than 12 weeks).

Unlike traditional sinus surgery, Balloon Sinuplasty requires no cutting and no removal of bone and tissue. Using a small, flexible, balloon catherter to open up blocked sinus passageways and facilitate drainage of the mucus that...

You know the feeling: runny nose, headache, sinus congestion. Is it just a cold? Or something more serious? A quick appointment could be the difference between a sinus infection or disorder becoming more serious.

An allergy is an exaggerated response to substances that, in most individuals, cause no difficulty. Allergy is a name given to the way your body reacts when it mistakes ordinarily harmless substances (like grass, tree or weed pollen) for something harmful.

There are a number of causes of breathing and sinus problems. Generally, patients with these conditions suffer from airway obstruction(s) and complain of a blocked or stuffy nose, headache or sinus pain.

A deviated septum occurs when the thin wall (nasal septum) between your nostrils is displaced to one side. Your septum separates your right and left nasal cavities and ideally is situated in the center of your nose, equally separating the two sides.

Mucous membranes line both the nose and the sinuses. The mucous lining of the nose has many tiny blood vessels close to its surface. This is why the nose bleeds so easily when it is injured or very dry.


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