The ear has three main parts that work together to help you hear — the outer, middle, and inner ear. Most of the work done by your ears is mechanical in nature, catching and amplifying sound waves, then turning them into electrical impulses to be sent to the brain.

More than 37 million people suffer from at least one episode of sinusitis each year. The overall prevalence of sinusitis has soared and includes patients with acute sinusitis, recurrent acute sinusitis and chronic sinusitis (more than 12 weeks).

The throat is a ring-like muscular tube that acts as the passageway for air, food, and liquid. The throat also helps in forming speech. The throat consists of the larynx, the epiglottis, and the tonsils and adenoids.

Hearing loss is a prevalent chronic condition among adults of all ages. It is recognized that hearing loss increases as a function of age, especially for frequencies at 2000 Hz and above. However, adults tend to ignore its effects, delay their decision to seek audiologic services, and tend to put off recommended treatments.


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